Wednesday, June 08, 2005

What a week!

I will be recording two, 10-minute interviews segments on Thursday morning (June 9, 8:30 Pacific) for WCRV of Memphis. We don't yet know when this program will air, but when it does it will be hear in 7 states (click here to see if we will reach your area). I'll post more when I know air dates. If you read this entry in time to pray during the interview, I am thankful for any prayer coverage you can share!

This has been a crazy week in the Saake household. As one of several issues to make it an interesting week, the builder of our new home (we've lived here six months) is finally coming back to fix the "minor" shower leak that has been a problem since we moved in. As of this mornign we are locked out of our master bathroom for an anticipated 2 weeks of demolition, cleaning and rebuilding. So far tile has been knocked out, the doorframe to the closet removed, carpet and padding pulled up, and I'm not even sure whatelse has happened behind the tripple plastic protective barrier that now marks the archway into our bathroom. Life is never dull!

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