Saturday, December 29, 2007

Blog Worth Visiting - Blessed Are the Barren

I have to take a moment and highlight a relatively new resource in the world of infertility encouragement, a blog that has caught my attention with the author's thoughtful reviews of several popular infertility books. Of course it didn't hurt that her review of Hannah's Hope was an encouraging one, but I love Jen's candor and the tone of many posts I took the time to savor today. Her reviews of books, movies and music and detailed, insightful and not afraid of honest criticism. While Blessed Are the Barren is obviously only one viewpoint (and the name might be a hard pill for some to swallow), I believe Jen's blog does a great job of representing infertility from the 20-something Christian woman's perspective!

Friday, December 21, 2007

Prayer for Times I Struggle with Forgiving Others

Dear Lord, I thank you for the immesurable grace you have given to us, to those who might as well have been in the crowd, jearing and demanding your crusifixion. That you could pursure us with the passion of a loving Husband, seek to nuture and protect us from harm with the heart of a perfect Daddy, and embrase us in fellowship as our Brother, even when we are your enemies, is beyond comprehension. When we struggle with unforgiveness, help us to remember all you have forGIVEN in us! And may we humbly lead by example as we receive your grace and pass forgiveness on to others through your strength.

Friday, December 14, 2007

Latest book review for Hannah's Hope

There is a radio program / podcast called Journeys To Motherhood that I stumbled upon earlier this year. I was thilled to find an entire radio series dedicated to nothing but issues related to fertility challenges and I've enjoyed listening to several episodes.

There is a lot of "spiritual" content in the programs, but often not from a specifically Christian viewpoint. So it was especially delightful to find the kind review of Hannah's Hope written by host Barbara Winters in her blog this week. I hope to be a guest on Journeys to Motherhood this spring, possibly late February.