Wednesday, June 01, 2005

Reviewers Needed

Hannah's Hope hit bookstore shelves exactly one week after Mother's Day, May 15, 2005, appropriately enough, Mother's-In-Waiting Day. So far I've found the book in my local Christian bookstore, in Borders, and know it can be special ordered from Barnes & Noble. It is also available through most bookstore websites such as CBD, Amazon, Parable bookstores (and ministry websites affiliated with Parable), and many more. I would greatly appreciate it if you would be able to take a few minutes and visit some online sites where you can leave positive feedback for the book. Most let you either add a ranking (5 stars, 5 cups of coffee, etc.) and/or write out an actual review. Both forms of feedback are helpful for book sales. Here are a few examples:

Nav Press (my publisher) Click on "see customer reviews" then select "add review". You can also "add a rating" on this site. (CBD) - scroll down to "Customer Reviews

Amazon - under "product details" look for "write a review" after the "average customer review" ranking line, or go on down to the actual "customer reviews" category and click on "write an online review.

Barnes & Noble - scroll down to "About the book" then "customer reviews" provides a "write your own online review" link.

Target, scroll down to "Guest Reviews" then "Write an online review.", scroll down to "customer reviews". They even pay you 5 cents for the review.

The first person to post a review at gets a $5 gift certificate there!

Thanks so much for all your help. If you know of other places to write an online review, please post them here!

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