Saturday, July 29, 2006

Aug. 1 Radio Interview (WBCL, Fort Wayne IN)

Just a quick post to say hi and share a few little rambling thoughts.

I have another birthday on Monday - wow the years fly by faster and faster with each one! Then on Tuesday morning I have a live radio interview (via telephone) that airs at 9:05 am EST on WBCL Radio out of Fort Wayne, Indiana . Because I'm west coast, this means I have to interview at 6am (and I'm not a morning person), so please pray that I can be awake enough for clear thinking and answering and that God will use my words to His glory to meet hurting hearts.

I heard from Shelly that this round of chemo was much easier than the previous two. Praise God! Only one more round and then her radiation (she's currently undecided about doing the radiation step, so please pray for wisdom on this issue).

Thursday, July 13, 2006

Shelly's Update

I've been sharing Shelly's story and asking for your prayers. For those who want to follow along with me, here is a direct link to Shelly's blog.