Friday, April 14, 2006

Resources for Difficult Times

Here's a broad-range resource list I have compiled to hand out at my talk next weekend in Washington. Though not exclusive to fertility-related issues (in fact, some relate to unplanned pregnancy or parenting), I am posting in hopes of bringing a bit of hope to someone who might need it:

- Devotional Journals for Infertility, Pregnancy Loss, Infant Death, and Grieving the Loss of a Loved One -

- Grieving the Loss of a Family Member or Friend -

- Death of a Child (any age) -

- Infertility or Pregnancy Loss Support -

- Infant Death –

- Continuing Pregnancy After Learning Your Baby Will Die -

- Poor or Difficult Prenatal Diagnosis -

- High Risk Pregnancy –

- Postpartum Mood Disorders and Post Adoption Depression -

- Adoption –

- Unplanned Pregnancy -

- Abortion –

- Depression -

- Suicide -

- Widowhood –

- Living Single –

- Divorce – –

- Divorce, Domestic Violence or Abuse –

- Pornography, Sexual Promiscuity, Homosexuality

- Abuse and Addictions, Life Stresses, Relationships, Transitions –

- Drug/Alcohol Abuse, Addictions, Depression, Eating Disorders and Unplanned Pregnancy –

- Family Life Issues -

- Chronic Pain or Illness -

- Cancer – or

- Homeschooling Special Needs Children -

Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Marriage Uncensored E-Zine Interview

Here is my interview published in the April MU Ezine, giving you a taste for what the television show might be like. I just heard from host Dave Currie, National Director of FamilyLife Canada and host of Marriage Uncensored, that my show will be one of 8 episodes to pilot in the US market through PBS. Watch for details! :)