Sunday, April 17, 2005

What's infertility all about?

- More than six million people of childbearing age in the US experience infertility each year (
- There is a wide range of educated guesswork about
miscarriage statistics , but it is generally accepted that at least one in three pregnancies end in miscarriage.
- One child out of every 115 births is stillborn (
Wisconsin Stillbirth Service Program).
- Not quite 2 percent of adoptions, nationwide, are contested (Sierra Adoption Services as quoted by
The Union Newspaper) while many more forms of “adoption loss” happen long before families actually bring children into their homes.

These may just seem like useless numbers, unless or until you are personally touched by such circumstances. In the ten years Rick and I were actively striving to build our family, we lived most of these experiences (other than stillbirth) and found the painful realities represented by such statistics. My journals are designed to share my heart, my reflections, and my growth through this journey, including adventures in parenthood after infertility and loss. Here you will also find special announcements related to my books, media spots, travel plans and speaking engagements.