Tuesday, June 21, 2005

Wednesday Again...Blogging Day :)

In the few weeks since I've started, I'm already finding myself looking forward to Wednesdays and sharing my life. While I was a day late last week, prayerfully trying to decide when how to make that post, I am trying to keep to a weekly schedule of blogging. I've been off on my days all week, so I honestly thought today (Tuesday) was already Wednesday when I started writing, but I guess being a day early this week makes up for being a day late last week?

On the home front, our house is still in a state of chaos with our master bathroom. While we were sealed out of it for two weeks, we are glad to currently be able to at least walk back into that room, albeit without flooring or a shower! Hopefull the additional shower demolition happens tomorrow and reconstruction starts before the end of the week. The blessing in all this is it looks like our builder is giving us a complimentary upgrade in tile flooring to help compensate for some of this trouble. I will be so glad when this process if finally over and we get our whole home back.

Last week we had a horrible wind storm. Now, this normally wouldn't be big news - Nevada has LOTS of wind! But I forgot I had opened our bedroom sliding door earlier in the day. And basically all the contents of our master closet are sitting in piles around our bedroom because of the shower situation and our lack of access to the closet. So, when I went into our room about half an hour into the windstorm, I found what seemed to be half of the dirt from our unfinished back yard sitting in our bedroom! The carpet was caked in dry mud. The bedding and piles of clothing looked like someone had dumped a couple of bags worth of playground sand all over them. Everything was covered in a think layer of dust and grit. And I was in tears!

My sweet husband came home from work early and helped me spend the evenings washing bedding, shaking out clothes, vacuuming, dusting, vacuuming some more, and making the room semi-habitable again. What a guy! Our friends invited Joshua to spend the night and the entire next day, then had our whole family over for dinner the next night. (This had already been planned, but I was ever-so-appreciative of a day to really clean and not have to worry about meals.) In the midst of a storm, God's grace still shines.

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