Thursday, June 30, 2005

Not keeping to Wednesday schedule very well

OK, so it's Thursday evening again. Can we just pretend it's still Wednesday so I'm not late in posting again?

My "Focus on Adoption" radio broadcast (see June 8 blog entry) airs July 5. If you can't catch it locally, maybe you can listen online.

I haven't gotten very far on the articles I'm wanting to write for magazine submissions. I have lots of ideas, but don't seem to have the hours or brain-power to put them onto paper. Thanks for your prayers on this matter. I really feel that the articles need to get out there, but for encouragement/education of those who will read the articles themselves, but also to help with book promotion and sales.

The master bathroom is still an ongoing project, as is our back yard. We will probably be going to a BBQ at a neighbor's house on July 4th and hanging out around home the rest of the weekend. I'm pretty sick lately, so we'll keep the holiday weekend rather low key I suspect. I am praising the Lord that the job He has provided for my husband gives him the holiday weekend off - we have had our share of working holidays and weekends over the years, so we cherish the blessing. I also have several friends who are currently without employment at all, so again, reminders for thanksgiving for how the Lord has provided for us.

--children mentioned below--

Joshua has been in Vacation Bible School (he had baseball camp last week) and we are preparing to start back into homeschooling next Wednesday. Ruth is a bundle of energy and can't understand why she can't do everything big brother gets to do. Praising the Lord for good news so far with the baby (more info here). Life is busy and blessed!

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