Wednesday, June 01, 2005

Getting Some Press

It seems so very strange to talk of press releases and radio interviews, but this is my new reality. No, I'm certainly not a superstar, and though my friends like to tease me about it, I don't have to hide from the paparazzi! But there is so much more to writing a book than just writing a book. I had no idea what all was entailed in post-production marketing! While I'm thrilled by the way God is opening some big doors, things get more than a bit overwhelming at times. I covet your prayers for wisdom in what to say when God gives me a platform, balance in knowing what invitations to accept and decline, stamina and physical health, ability to keep my family my priority, and grace to let God shine through me in all of this.

Laura Christianson, a freelance writer specializing in adoption-related issues, and a long-time Hannah's Prayer/Ladies In Waiting member, was kind enough to highlight Hannah's Hope in her blog just before HH hit the market. You will miss a lot if you only read her review of my book, so be sure to keep reading through some of her great categories such as Adoption and Infertility Ministry, Infertility Issues (Why Infertility Isn't Discussed in Church, Ways to Encourage an Infertile Friend), Adoption and Infertility in the Bible and many other great adoption related entries.

Focus on the Family generously spotlighted two brief interviews with me on recent Weekend Magazine broadcasts. The target audience for this program is parents of children ages 0-12, so be prepared for a lot of parenting-related topics, but if you would like to listen to my segments, go to Weekend Magazine Archives and select the May 14 program (miscarriage interview begins at 48:45 on Windows Media player) and May 21 (infertility topic started at 5:20 on Windows Media or runs from 6:28 to 9:04 on Real Player). If you enjoy these spots, please be sure to let Focus on the Family know that you are thankful for their focus on infertility and miscarriage, list the air dates, mention me or the book Hannah's Hope by name if you want, and ask them to make infertility a priority on future broadcasting.

I am working on a few magazine articles at the moment and would appreciate your prayers for wisdom and clarity in writing interesting articles, favor with magazine editors, and ease in marketing. I'll keep you posted as these go to print.

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