Saturday, October 15, 2011

Write Their Names

Today is Pregnancy and Infant Loss Remembrance Day. I know this date is bittersweet for some of my friends in an unexpected way, a date they wish they could "celebrate" for it would mean they were Mommies, even if only to heaven-born babies. To other friends, October 15 holds mixed emotions, thankfulness that we can recognize the existence of our children, but horror that a day such as this should even need to exist.

Where ever you find yourself today, I invite you to join me in sharing your story in the comments in whatever way you feel compelled to do so. If you have children awaiting you in heaven and would like to share their names, please do so. If your children have only lived in your hopes and dreams and you would like to document your infertility journey here in some way, I welcome you to do that as well.

Today I remember:
- Noel Alexis, our Christmas Minister of Needs
- Joel Samuel, a child for whom we long desired a greatly prayed, a reminder of God's faithfulness
- Hannah Rose, named in reminder of God's grace that blooms through darkest grief
- I also remember 7 precious children who touched our hearts and carry our prayers, but who never officially joined our family through adoption as we had hoped they each would.

- And I humbly thank the Lord for bringing 3 living blessings into our home to share our lives through the storm of 13 years of praying and waiting.

What is your story? Where is your heart hurting today? Who are the children of your longing and dreams? Will you share them with me today by taking a moment to simply write their names?


Anita Howell said...

Today we remember our little Pip. Miss you precious, your big sister today said "Mummy, I wish I had a baby brother or sister" Sniff :'( we wish you were still with us too.

Melissa Joy said...

Thank you, Jenni, for asking us to share our children with one another here in this way!

Today we remember our seven children who have preceded us through the gates of paradise. Covenant Hope, Glory Hesed, Promise Anastasis, Peace Nikonos, Mercy Kyrie, Victory Athanasius, and Hosanna Praise. To God be the glory for His providence in each day of their lives! I can't wait to be reunited with my little redheaded beauties.

Anonymous said...

Thinking of our Pixie today who would be one year old this December. And remembering our Little One, somewhere in Russia; lost to us but hopefully going home with another family some time soon.
Remembering also the loss of a dream: a house full of seven beautiful, vibrant children. Due to infertility they were never even conceived, but the loss is felt all the same.

Anonymous said...

Remembering Anthony Saul today


Diane said...

Thank you for this.

We remember and desperately miss our two lost embryos, Bella Joy and Joel Gabriel, and our miscarried twins, Jeremiah Matthew ("Jem") and Ava Grace.

If love could have saved you, you would have lived forever. We can't wait to see you face to face.

Kristina said...

Thank you, Jenni, for allowing us to remember our children in Heaven here.

I'd like to thank the Lord for:

"Angel" m/c July 25, 2005
"Katheryn Denise" a.k.a. "Katie" m/c May 26, 2007
"Benjamin" m/c August 8, 2008
"Melissa" m/c November 10, 2010

They are happily enjoying each others' company in Heaven. Can't wait to meet them one day!

heather said...

Thank you Jenni, for allowing us to remember our children here.

Today I am missing and remembering Ellis. I know the Lord has you in his hand in heaven. I can't wait to meet you there one day!

hadashi said...

today i am remembering:
Isabela Eva (would-be 26 June)
Tim (would-be 01 June)
Talitha (would-be 07 Sept)
as well as the lost ones of:
Julianne & Jason, Tess & Andrew, Angela & Eric.
comfort, peace, and blessing to all of you posting here!

MandyRae said...

Today we are remembering

Hayden Neal and Garrett Lee Born May 21, 2009

Quirt Otis born May 19, 2011

Mama, Papa, Bailee and Trace love you so much and can't wait to be with you again!

Laura said...
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Laura said...

Thank you for allowing us to share our children's names here, jenni!

Today my family is remembering Layla Faith, who we said goodbye to 6 months ago and who we miss so much every day. We are also remembering baby K, who we miscarried almost 3 years ago.

batesjj498 said...

Today I remember Eli Jackson, born still May 22, 2011 at 36 weeks gestation. I know that I will see you again in heaven and that each day that I am here on this is earth is one day closer to seeing you.

Kristi said...

Hello, Jenni! Today I am remembering my three children in heaven:

Naomi Faith (3/9/09)
Kyria Hope (11/19/09)
Jordan Gabriel (5/27/10)

Not a day goes by without thinking of them or someone in our family speaking of them. We look forward to our someday-reunion in heaven!

Meagan said...

Remembering & missing our sweet daughter Annabelle Mae Stach born into heaven on September 29, 2008.