Friday, February 24, 2012

To Be Absent

Last fall, Oct. 2011, I experienced multiple strokes with brain-stem involvement. I have vision loss, doubled vision, hearing loss, a partially paralized hand, and I cannot walk, so I have trouble reading or typing. I am posting updates at if you wish to read news. I would be blessed by your prayers not only as I fight to recover from this near-fatal experience, but also as I prayerfully work on my next two books, first a devotional on The Fruit of the Spirit and then, if God allows, a Hannah's Hope-style-book on the Apostle Paul and living with chronic pain or illness. I will resume post to this blog when I am able. I also invite you to join me at .

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Anonymous said...

Jennifer, when I read this post I was taken aback! How can this be. After reading Hannah's Hope my heart just went out to you for all you went through. My infertility story is similar so I really can relate to the dispair you went through. Then to read about the are a very strong woman of God! You are inspiring. Although it must be extremely diffficult to experience what you are going through right now, you need to know that sharing your story about your infertility journey has touched so many lives, including my own, and I can only imagine how many more lives will be touched by how Gos is working in your life through this tragedy. You will be in my prayers as you continually work on recovering.