Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Adoption & Pregnancy

Another great "Bust a Myth" post this week is Adopt and You Probably Still Won't Get Pregnant

Only 5-10% of parents who adopt due to infertility go on to conceive and bear children...

If we had conceived when we desperately wanted to, we would not have BB as our son. If we had conceived when we desperately tried to, BB would not have us as his parents. God knew the plans He had for us and for our firstborn son.

God also planned for LB, born one year and four days after our first, to be his little brother. He needed our DNA to make LB. He needed another man and woman's DNA to make BB. BB was not means to an end to get LB - they were both meant for us.

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I am OK said...

I am seriously sharing this post! We would not have our son Cooper is we had been able to conceive when we wanted to the first time around. Such heartache, but boy it seems 20/20 looking back. Such God's Plan! I can't wait to see what he has in store for us next. But I can assure others it won't be from natural conception - such a myth!