Friday, October 15, 2010

Pregnancy & Infant Loss Awareness Day (Book Give Away!)

In recognition of Pregnancy & Infant Loss Awareness Day, I would like to give away my (gently used) copy of Kristie Verret's new book Unforgotten Children: A Testimony of God's Healing through Miscarriage. I just finished reading this copy a week or two ago. It is a personal story of growth and reflection through loss. My favorite quote from the book is:
Each hardship left a gaping hole in my heart. Those holes HAD to be filled, whether I liked it or not. But if I didn't choose to fill them with God and His truth, then satan would begin to automatically fill them with lies leading to my feeling of separation from God.

For a chance to win, please leave a comment here, along with a valid email address or other contact information so I can get your mailing address from you if you win. If you have a child awaiting you in Heaven, I would love to hear your baby's name and anything else you want to share about him/her. {hug} The contest will remain open through the month of October, and a winner will be selected in early November. Please feel free to post this link or pass it on to others who might be in need of the encouragement of this book. (Leave me an additional comment for every way you pass along the link - emails to friends, facebook, twitter, post to your own blog, etc. - and receive an additional entry for each time you help spread the word!)

Remembering with love, Noel Alexis, Joel Samuel and Hannah Rose. Eagerly awaiting our reunion in Heaven!


Melissa Joy said...

Remembering with you today, Jenni!
Remembering my own sweet six: Covenant, Glory, Promise, Peace, Mercy, and Victory. Greatly looking forward to joining them in Paradise someday!

mjbc07 at yahoo dot com

Kara said...

I am remembering my two sweet babies: My November baby (11/2/05) and Faith Elisabeth (12/5/07)

kepereira79 @

Hope said...

Remembering Zoe & Addie....
shared this on facebook too!

Anonymous said...
Just lost my precious Micaiah last night...

mrsnice777 said...

Remembered with you!

Remembered my Angel Baby - lost at 8 weeks.

JenHike said...

My angel babies - Jonas, lost at 12 weeks on 3/31/2007 and Jacoby, lost at 20 weeks on 5/18/2010. Both had October due dates so this month is hard for me.

Jenni, your book Hannah's Hope helped me through Jonas's loss. I'm not quite ready to read it again yet but know I will. It really helped me grieve my loss and realize I lost a child not just had a miscarriage and it was okay to name my baby. Thank you for that.

Trena said...

♥ remembering Bryston Gabriel and Colton Joseph ♥

My little boys born too soon on August 15, 2010. They went to the Lord shortly after birth. I think about them every second of every day.


Stacey said...

After years of trying, we finally got pregnant, but lost our precious baby on 10-04-10 at 6 weeks. We both feel strongly that the baby was our boy, Andrew Ralph. Losing him is 100 times harder than any part of the infertility struggle.

Kristi said...

This month and every single day, remembering my precious three in heaven:

Naomi Faith at 18 weeks, my little girl who initiated me into the community of pregnancy loss

Kyria Hope at 8 weeks, my fighter who renewed my hope

Jordan Gabriel at 4 weeks, my reminder to stay close to God in this new Land

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