Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Heaven Born

Today I've been blessed to hear of three different give-aways for moms of HeavenBorn babies. Most are time sensitive, so please go, visit, share with hurting hearts...

Give Away for I Will Carry You: the Sacred Dance of Grief and Joy (1 copy randomly given away to one comment on the Holy Experience blog today, comment by 9EST)

If you don't win that copy, anyone who is willing to register for a Barnes & Noble account can receive a free digital copy of I Will Carry You here. (I did not see an expiration date, but I would expect this to be a limited time offer.)

Forever My Child $50 gift certificate give-away
from We are THAT Family ends Thursday. FMC offers:
~Memorial Jewelry for Miscarriage, Stillbirth, Pregnancy and Infant Loss to honor the tiny souls that touch and change your life, but gone too soon.
~Pregnancy and Fertility Jewelry with genuine gemstones and symbolic charms.
~Hand Stamped and professionally engraved unique Mother’s Jewelry, Family Jewelry, and Men’s pieces to honor ALL your children, both on earth and in Heaven.

May I once again ask for votes for the Health Hero award? We are currently in first place, but the abortion advocate who is in second is rallying voters too and is quickly closing in on retaking the lead. I humbly thank you for standing with me for the life of unborn babies with your vote. Voting closes this Friday and it looks like it will be a close race all the way.


Becky said...

I was checking out your blog to learn more about you after seeing you listed on the Our Bodies Health Hero site. I have to say that I find your compassion for others' who have shared similar experiences to be touching -- particularly since my dear sister has painfully struggled with similar health issues and losses as well (endo, PCOS, miscarriage, live birth at 22 weeks with her child die in her arms 40 minutes later).

However, your comment in this post disturbs me. As a true advocate for women and health, I would think you would also be compassionate to women who seek abortion -- often through the same hopelessness, helplessness, and trauma that you may have faced in your experiences with infertility and loss.

As much as your health challenges have precluded you from being able to bear the children you sought, many other women have similar health issues that preclude them from being able to care and raise a child they may be able to bear.

I find your post to be entirely unsympathetic of the painful choice-that-often-isn't-a-choice faced by millions of women around the world where abortion is concerned. With your compassionate voice and platform, I must say I was surprised and disappointed to learn that you hold no compassion for their journey as well. I was hopeful that I'd found another Christian woman who could truly show compassion for all women and their challenges with reproduction, but it doesn't appear to be the case. With that, I'll be casting my vote elsewhere.

Jenni / Jennifer Saake a.k.a. InfertilityMom said...

I ache for the journey your family has endured with your sister and the death of your precious niece/nephew. Having seen a child born at 22 weeks you know that this child was a living person, not simply an extention of your sister's body. How can I say to one woman, "I am so sorry that your baby died." and to the next, "It's your body, your choice" without giving her child any consideration?

I fully respect you decision to take your vote elsewhere and I stand by my belief that every child, from the moment of conception, is a unique person of value. I do believe in the rights of women, in so far as those rights do not negate the life of another. What of the rights of the infant women (and young men) who have no voice of their own?

Yes, there are some terribly sad and desperate situations that women can find themselves in and I am not without compassion toward these dear ladies nor the crisis that might point them to believe that abortion is the only answer. But having held hands and shared tears with some of these same women after their "choice," and also having seen the courage of so many women who choose life even in painful circumstances, I am firmly convinced that one traumatic situation is not healed by the another traumatic act, abortion.

Jenjen Stepmom said...

As the recipient of much help from Jenni and her mother who personally gave me home number in trust and love and told me to call anytime, I can say, without trepidation, Jenni and her ministry are NOT devoid of empathy or sympathy. Her compassion knows no bounds and is not restricted to those who have experienced unwanted loss. She and her mother both are incredibly supportive to women of all walks of life, even those who have faced the abortion issue. You will find no harsh judgements or legalistic malice coming from this woman of faith. And if you familiarize yourself with her ministry, purpose, and mission, you will discover a person who thrives on the simple fact that she believes she has been called to help women in ALL sorts of circumstances. She is enthusiastic about her cause despite severe personal and physical setbacks, and I have yet to hear her complain of anything. When she was hurting, she still took time from her life to lift my spirits and I can't thank her enough for that. Her approach to life and to her ministry is a true model of Christian values.

Thank you Jenni for everything you do.

Jenny M