Monday, August 23, 2010

Creative Desires

"God had the desire to create new life, and he wanted to create it in His own image. If He, being perfect and complete had this desire to create, how could it be selfish or wrong? And because He created us in His image, with many of His attributes, it should come as no surprise that we share His desire to create. If we yearn to take part in the miracle of creating a new life 'in our image' with attributes like our own, and want the intimacy of nurturing our child to maturity, that is only natural. This yearning is God-given and a part of how we are created. It’s no wonder that we can feel jarred and confused when we are unable to fulfill it."
- From, The Ache for a Child, by Debra Bridwell

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Adoption Mama said...

Thanks for stopping along on the blog highway. I would love to read your book..have done the infertility thing as well as the failed adoptions...(see this post)

Blessings to you.