Monday, March 20, 2006

let's meet up in Washington or Canada

Deadlines age getting close to register for the "Experiencing Hope in Difficult Times" luncheon on April 22 or to be part of the studio audience for a taping of Marriage Uncensored in Surrey, B.C. on the 19. Here are the details in review:


EVENT: Marriage Uncensored television interview about infertility (studio audience needed)
DATE: April 19

TIME: 7:30 - 9:00 pm
PLACE: Surrey, B.C. - find directions at
COST: free tickets required - register at

Join Jenni and some of the ladies from Hannah's Prayer Ministries for a casual reception coffee time before from 3-5. Email Christie if interested.


EVENT: Experiencing Hope in Difficult Times luncheon (women only)
DATE: April 22

TIME: 10:30am - 2:30pm
PLACE: First Baptist Church, 1616 Pacific Avenue, Everett
COST: $10 (registration deadline April 14)
CONTACT: 425 259-9166

To the outside observer, it may seem that Jennifer Saake has the "perfect" life - loving husband, three beautiful children, nice house, great friends... But a casual glance doesnt tell you the surprising story behind Jennis journey to todays blessings. Through 15 years of chronic pain and illness, a decade of infertility, the loss of ten children (miscarriages and adoptions), financial devastation, depression, bankrupt friendships and a deep spiritual crisis, she knows firsthand what it means to struggle! Registration includes lunch and childcare if requested. Sponsor: Womens ministries of First Baptist

Jenni will also be going out to a early dinner with a few friends after the luncheon. If you would like to join us (husbands and children welcome as well), please contact me by April 14 and plan to bring cash to cover your meal as Flying Pigs will not split the bill for groups.

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